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With a population of around 82,000, the historical town of Constance is the largest town on Lake Constance.

Today, it is a lively university town offering a wide range of leisure activities for visitors of all ages. This town on the shores of Lake Constance has also managed to preserve its long-standing traditions as a trading and cultural centre to the present day, having also incorporated countless new aspects along the way. On a tour of the old town of Constance, which has remained almost unchanged since the Middle Ages, this traditional trading town really comes to life. The town's unique location on the shores of Lake Constance and the River Rhine, and its proximity to Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, make Constance an ideal holiday destination and touring base for excursions in the surrounding region.

Lake Constance

is the largest lake in Germany with a surface area of 536 km² and a volume of 48,5 billion m³ of water. At its longest, the lake measures 63 km and at its broadest it measures 14 km between Langenargen (D) and Rorschach (CH). The deepest part of the lake is 254 m between Friedrichshafen (D) and Uttwil (CH).

  • German shoreline 173 km
  • Swiss shoreline 72 km
  • Austrian shoreline 28 km

The Climate 

around Lake Constance is mild, consistent and dry. Lake Constance acts as a natural reservoir of warmth, helping to keep the temperature consistent.

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